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Tolak Angin means “to reject wind” in Indonesian language and is taken for a combination of symptoms called “masuk angin” (translation: entry of wind). The symptoms include upset stomach, dizziness, flatulence, nausea, and chills; they are basically, the tell-tale signs when you’re about to get sick.

Tolak Angin has been trusted by many generations in Indonesia where locals rely on traditional herbal medicine known as “jamu” to maintain health and alleviate common sickness. Long before modern medication prevailed, Indonesians relied on traditional remedies and conventional medicines like in many other Asian countries.

In the Philippines, our family will always come first. Putting our family members’ welfare before anything else means putting their health and immunity at the top of its game. Tolak Angin launches its all-family product line in the Philippines including Tolak Angin, Tolak Angin Care, and Tolak Angin Anak.

Tolak Angin

Tolak Angin is a ready-to-drink liquid herbal supplement that has been used to relieve the effects when being exposed to init-lamig, kabag, pagkahilo, pagkapuyat, and dry throat.

It comes in a 15 ml sachet and is easy to take anywhere. Just shake, tear, and drink straight from the sachet. You may also add it to warm water or tea for a soothing drink.

Tolak Angin Anak

Kids need to take care of their immunity too. They learn through playing and having fun, and as parents, it’s important to support what they enjoy doing while giving them the essentials to take care of their health.

Tolak Angin Anak contains Tolak Angin’s signature 12 natural ingredients with added Cornu Bubali which is an added natural fever reliever, to help fight sympytoms of immunity dropping that could lead to fever, colds, cough, etc.

Tolak Angin Care

Tolak Angin Care Essential Oil Roll-on is formulated with ginger and mint oils to give a refreshing sensation to soothe colds, headache, upset stomach, flu symptoms and stimulate recovery process.

It contains ginger which is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and could be helpful in easing feelings of nausea by giving a refreshing sensation with its warm and spicy scent.

Every Tolak Angin Care comes in a hand tube that is easy to take anywhere, and a roller ball that makes application convenient and practical to use.

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