About the Product

  • Tolak Angin is a ready-to-drink liquid herbal supplement that has been trusted to relieve the effects when being exposed to init-lamig, kabag, pagkahilo, pagkapuyat, and dry throat. Tolak Angin is best taken during travel, when lacking sleep and seasonal changes–especially during the cold and rainy season. Tolak Angin also helps greatly in improving digestive health.

    Tolak Angin comes in a 15 ml sachet and is easy to take anywhere. Always keep one in your pocket and take it whenever you need it, just shake, tear, and drink straight from the sachet. You may also add it to warm water or tea for a soothing drink.

    Tolak Angin has been trusted by many generations in Indonesia where locals rely on traditional herbal medicine known as “jamu” to maintain health and alleviate common sickness. Long before modern medication prevailed, Indonesians relied on traditional remedies and conventional medicines like in many other Asian countries.

  • Tolak Angin means “to reject wind” in Indonesian language and is taken for a combination of symptoms called “masuk angin” (translation: entry of wind). In the Philippines, people don’t have an exact term for the same feeling, but people definitely have felt it. The symptoms can include upset stomach, dizziness, flatulence, nausea, and chills; they are basically, the tell-tale signs when you’re about to get sick.

    Tolak Angin is effective and safe to be consumed daily. As with other herbal supplements, it is suggested to consult a doctor/physician before consuming Tolak Angin in combination with other prescription medication.

About the Product
Herbal. Mint. Honey

Herbal. Mint. Honey.

  • Tolak Angin is made of a combination of the finest herbal extracts known as the signature “Tolak Angin herbal extract”, including Ginger, Mint, Asian rice, Fennel, Indian Screw Tree, Clove, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Indonesian Cinnamon, Gotu Kola, Tree Bean and Usnea.

    Empirically ginger is known to help increase gastrointestinal mobility and digestion, it has also been recommended to reduce nausea and vomiting (Mishra, R. K., Kumar Anil, and Kumar Ashok, 2012), whereas Oryza sativa or Asian rice serves as absorbent to bind the toxic substance causing diarrhea (Dalimarta, 1999).

  • Cardamon has been reported to treat abdominal colic and reduce retching (Kemenkes RI, 2011) and Fennel can help to improve efficiency of mucocilliary clearance and thus help alleviate cough due to cold (Kardono et al., 2003). Cloves are traditionally known to reduce nausea and to boost energy (Pole, 2012) while Indian screw tree has been listed as an analgesic and anti-diarrheal agent (Kurmal and Singh, 2014). Moreover, mint is known as a powerful natural stimulant and as an expectorant to promote clearance of mucus from the respiratory tract (Eccles, 1994).

The Heritage

Tolak Angin began as a family recipe in 1930, formulated by Mrs. Rachmat Sulistyo (Madam Siem Thiam Hie). In 1940, she started a home industry in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Due to the war, the family moved to Semarang and then in 1951 they established the company “Sido Muncul” which means “a dream come true.” Later on, Sido Muncul built a bigger factory to meet the growing demand in the country. Currently, Sido Muncul has more than 180 products in the market and uses homegrown ingredients from Sido Muncul partner farms to ensure quality.

The Heritage
Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Tolak Angin’s vision is to become a herbal company that contribute to both the community and environment.

Our missions are:

  • Developing a rational, safe and honest herbal-based products based on research.
  • Developing research on herbal medicines on an ongoing basis.
  • Helping and encouraging governments, educational institutions, the medical world to be more instrumental in research and development of herbal medicine.
  • Increasing public awareness about the importance of fostering health through a healthy lifestyle, the use of natural ingredients, and naturopathy treatment.
  • Intensive corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Managing environmentally-oriented companies.
  • Become a worldwide herbal medicine company.

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